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Michael Hamill

I provide hands-on sales expertise to deliver new business development projects.

Projects for sales consultants can range from a few days sales consultancy, through to a ongoing outsourced sales engagement. Typical projects cover:

  • New business development
  • Major account acquisition
  • Reseller and partner recruitment

I am a senior sales and business development professionals with over 20 years sales experience.

As a seasoned sales consultants, I am results-focused and able to bring immediate value to client projects.

What you will get from me?

  • Optimised Systems and Methodologies helping you to continually improve your sales and marketing year after year
  • Improvement enabling you to positively increase the gap between yourselves and your competitors
  • Profitable and Sustainable Growth  I find ways to make you more profitable, increase penetration and market share
  • Stability improvements will bring stability for your business, your people and your customers.



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2 Littleton Way, Chase Terrace, Burntwood, Staffordshire. WS7 1ZT

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Webmaster: michael@michaelhamill.co.uk



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